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Simmental / Simbra Internet Solutions (also applicable to other breeds) Performance Recording (Breedplan)
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Completeness of performance
      Completeness of performance
Breedplan Tip Sheets  

      Across Country Selection Indexes
      Breedplan Bull Selection Exercises
      Breedplan General Introduction
      Calculating EBVs for Introduced Animals
      Comparing EBVs between different Breeds
      Completing your Post-Birth Weight Performance Recording Forms
      Displaying Breedplan Information in Sale Catalogues Advertisements
      How does Breedplan compare animals running under different conditions
      How to complete your Mature Cow Weight Forms
      How to complete your Mature Cow weight Forms 2
      How to complete your Performance Recording Forms
      How to Complete your Recipient Dam Information Forms
      Interim Breedplan EBVs
      Interpreting Accuracy
      Interpreting Breedplan EBVs
      Interpreting your Suggested Weigh Date Report
      Methods of submitting Performance to Breedplan
      Multibreed EBVs
      Performance Recording Getting it Right
      Performance Recording in a Drought
      Performance Recording options for composite and crossbred bull breeders
      Performance Recording Timeline
      Recording Birth Weights
      Recording Calving Difficulty Scores
      Recording Docility Scores
      Recording Embryo Transfer Calves with Breedplan
      Recording Gestation Length Information

      Recording Information for Milk EBVs
      Recording Management Groups for Breedplan
      Recording Mature Cow Weights
      Recording Multiple Sire Joinings with Breedplan
      Recording Scanning Information
      Recording Scrotal Circumference Measurements
      Recording Weight Information
      Reportability of EBVs
      Selecting Animals with Selection Indexes
      Selection Indexes:  A General Introduction
      Small Herds Obtaining effective results from Breedplan
      Traits Explained
      Understanding Birth Weight EBVs
      Understanding Breedplan Management Groups
      Understanding Calving Ease EBVs
      Understanding Carcase EBVs
      Understanding Genetic Linkage
      Understanding Gestation Length EBVs
      Understanding Growth EBVs
      Understanding Mature Cow Weight EBVs
      Understanding Milk EBVs
      Understanding Outliers
      Understanding Scrotal Size EBVs
      Using Internet Solutions
      Weighing Pregnant Heifers
      Who do I contact for assistance

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