Used in over 30 countries by members of more than 137 breed societies, HerdMASTER is the worlds top producers choice in performance herd and livestock management software. HerdMASTER caters for almost any enterprise, from small scale commercial hobby farming to large scale multi-property studs. [ Read more ]

HerdMASTER does not limit you to a maximum number of animals, you may enter as many animals as you please and you will not be charged 1 cent more. HerdMASTER standalone can also be installed on multiple computer systems without the need to purchase extra licenses!

HerdMASTER allows producers to select the best suited genetic diversity and quality for their herds by recording and analysing the phenotypic traits and pedigrees. With enhanced society, and different service provider integration such as BREEDPLAN SA, Studbook WS2 game and ILR2 this means you save valuable time!




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